Website Planning

Plan and Align

Website planning is arguably the most important part of the web development process. A good website is one that is aligned with a strong marketing campaign. The days of “build it and they will come” are over. Just A Web Company will take the time to research, evaluate, and plan for your website’s success.

Communication is Key

website planning layout

Experience Web developers know that communication is the most important aspect through all phases of a web project. Communication is the most important aspect of the website planning phase.

Some of the questions that must be answered during the planning phase are as follows:

  • Who is the target audience
  • What kind of devices will be used to access your website
  • What is the primary goal of the website?
  • Who is writing the Content
  • Who is doing keyword research
  • Who is doing the design
  • Who will maintain the website?
  • Who will market the website?
  • How will the website be marketed?
  • Who will provide photos of products, service facilities etc?

These are just some of the questions asked during the website planning phase. Just A Web Company provides thorough website planning to help your website achieve your goals with laser like focus.

Major Planning Phases

  • Meeting and planning: You tell us your goals and together we formulate a plan
  • SEO: Research and Analysis
  • Copywriting: Developing optimized relevant content for your web site
  • Wireframe: We develop the “blueprint” and sitemap for your website
  • Design: We design mockups of your site and develop a layout
  • Coding: We develop the code that will run your website
  • Beta-Testing: You test your site, and make sure no detail was left out
  • *Training: We provide training if you are running a CMS or E-Commerce site
  • SITE LAUNCH!: Your site is taken live
  • Continuing support: Monthly maintenance, backups, and updates to your site as required.
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