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Do I Need A Digital Marketing Agency?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is why.

To answer why you need a professional on your side we need to first look at the landscape.

Free Services.

There are free services such as Weebly and Wix that offer paid premium versions. You do not need to know anything about being a web developer or internet marketing to use these services.

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These companies are there for one reason and that is to make money. They want you to sign up for a small monthly fee and put you on auto pilot. Their bottom line is not tied to your success. Yes, you saved thousands of dollars and still have a website maybe even one that looks okay. The downside is you are left trying to figure out how to drive traffic to your site and wondering why you are not on the 1st page of Google. Worse, you now must take time away from working on your core business so you can work in your business.

To put the true cost of a “free website” into perspective we use the following breakdown. Let’s say your average rate is $50.00 an hour. Now let’s assume the average person puts 25 hours into a free do it yourself option. You now have spent $1250, haven’t gained a single client and are left with something that is not professional, not optimized and not set up to drive and convert clients.

Hire A Web Designer.

You realize that trying to figure out how to build a website is not the best use of your time. Great! You have decided to hire a web designer. You do a quick google search and contact a handful of designers in your area to get some quotes. The first quote comes back for $500 and the top quote comes back at $5,0000. You realize that most of the quotes are somewhere in the middle. After some research, you settle in on a $3,000 price point with a designer that comes “recommended”.

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With a bit of back and forth discussion the designer delivers your product which is most likely built with WordPress utilizing a semi-custom design. Once you take delivery of your new website you receive a walk-through of the dashboard and a demonstration of how to add content.

You now have a good looking, professionally designed website that required a $3,000 investment. Your newly purchased site is not setup to drive traffic or convert visitors. The web designer will then either offer you a monthly “maintenance package” or “monthly SEO package”. Some designers will only offer design services and leave you to figure out the marketing piece on your own.

While the person who developed your website may have the best intentions, the fact is once they have completed the project they are off to find their next client.

Hire a digital marketing agency.

A digital marketing agency is measured by the success of their clients. They have a vested interest in making sure you have an exposure on the internet that not only looks good but drives visitors. A good agency will take it one step further and make sure you receive qualified leads.

What is a qualified lead? It is a person who is searching with a purpose for your product, service or brand. The benefit of a qualified lead is that they are much more likely to engage and convert into a customer.

The process of developing a digital marketing strategy starts with conversations and research. A good marketing company will identify your ideal avatar (client) and perform hours of research before ever attempting to write a single line of code.

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The website development process is typically different with marketing agencies. Every aspect will be approached with a specific purpose in mind. Each page will be setup to attract qualified leads unique to your business. The content of each section will be curated to be relevant and optimize well in search results.

Once your new website is launched you will be involved in on-going monthly marketing campaigns. A good campaign will utilize both pay-per-click advertising and on-going search engine optimization. Your monthly results should be reviewed in detail to measure your ROI, capitalize on segments that are working and change segments that are not working.

The bottom line is a good marketing agency understands their success is intimately tied to your success.

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