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We take web design seriously. Your website is an extension of your brand. That means colors, fonts, logo, copy and more are taken into account when creating your website. Our team believes that the experience your customers receive online should mirror the experience your customers receive in person. Your website is a critical extension of your brand.

Website Design Is All About UX

UX Web Design

UX = user experience. Just because a website “looks good” doesn’t mean it will perform well. We believe that every aspect of the website should have a purpose and every element should work together for a common goal. Part of UX includes website speed and how fast you pages load and respond. Your website visitors should be given a clear call to action and not be confused by too many options or have hard to find elements. 

High Resolutions Graphics

High Resolution Web Graphics

Every graphic on your website should be easy to see. Where possible we incorporate next-gen formats such as SVG. (Scalable Vector Graphics). We make sure that other format types are delivered with the right balance of compression vs size in order to provide the best experience possible for your visitors.

Custom Web Design

Some “designers” simply take the same template and change colors and logo. The nature of a standard templates means it is not customized for you or your business. Your website should be designed specifically for you and lend itself to your customers journey. Make sure your online presence is unique and memorable.

Website Speed

Website Speed

Our designers work hand in hand with our developers to make sure your website loads quickly and performs well. We do not use drag-and-drop website builders and we keep any third-party code to an absolute minimum to deliver fast responsive websites. 

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Mobile Friendly Websites

By using best practices, minified code base and fast loading graphics we take the mobile experience to the next level. Our sites out-perform our competitors’ websites in speed and mobile usability time and time again. Our clients see the benefits quickly because Google ranks your site on the mobile version, not the desktop version.

Get More Customers

By utilizing web design best practices, we make sure your website is visually compelling, easy to use and loads fast. All these elements combined make your website easier to be found online and will generate more traffic and more business. 

Our team has one goal and that is to grow your business. The professionals at Just A Web Company will take your web-design to the next level. Contact Just A Web Company Today For A Free Web Design Quote!

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