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What Is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click or PPC is a business model that involves paying every-time someone clicks on an Advertisement. Paid ads can be text based or display ads on a website.

Tailored PPC Campaigns

At Just A Web Company we pride ourselves on delivering customer service on an individual level. No two Ad Campaigns are alike, and neither are the businesses we work with.

We are here to help our clients grow their business through well-designed and closely managed PPC campaigns.

PPC Company

Many of our clients arrive with poorly performing campaigns. They are spending money and generating traffic, but not delivering any tangible benefits to the business. We start with keyword research and identify areas where we can implement optimization of each campaign to maximize conversions.

Once the campaign is launched, we enter the feedback loop of analysis and optimization. This is a critical part of any pay-per-click campaign and is often ignored or forgotten by DIY-PPCers. This active cycle of check, assess and improve is what makes a great campaign awesome and drives quality PPC traffic to your site while keeping a handle on budgets.

Types of PPC Ads

We offer a full range of Pay Per Click ad services. The most common type of paid ad is Search Advertising. Search ads are the blue links you see on the top and bottom of the Google Search Results page.

Display advertising is another area we excel in. Display ads are delivered through the Google Display Network and allows us to create ads that are comprised of images, video and text that show on other websites. 

Sometimes it takes more than one visit to your website to convert a client. This is where Remarketing Ads come in to play. PPC remarketing ads are a great way to target people who have  already visited your website. This is an excellent way to increase your ROI, conversions rates and ultimately your bottom line.

There are multiple ways to implement Paid Advertising. It is important to work with a PPC agency that has experience working with multiple platforms. Each platform has its own unique benefits and understanding them is key.

Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads Campaigns (formally Google Ad Words) are the most established form of PPC marketing, with a predicted 80% of ad search revenues in the US in 2019. Google Ads is a place where nearly every company can benefit from some form of presence.

Google PPC Campaign

With 63% of paid search clicks coming from mobile phones, it is important to have a PPC management company that can deliver paid ads that deliver conversions across multiple platforms.

We have years of expertise and know what works and what doesn’t. 

Analyzing daily trends and changes is an essential key to running a successful Pay Per Click Campaign.

Facebook Ads

Social media offers PPC advertising as well. With a huge set of campaign objectives, Facebook ads can be deployed in a variety of ways. Promoting your Facebook page, building brand awareness, driving traffic to your website or generating leads are just a few examples. Careful audience targeting is key when running Facebook Paid ads. It is essential that you constantly make sure your message is reaching the correct audience.

Microsoft Bing PPC Ads

BING PPC ads are often overlooked but can be a great way to reach your audience for less money. Microsoft Bing is the second largest search engine in the US. Bing offers a significant audience that should not be ignored. A properly structured Bing campaign can offer excellent ROI with keywords sometimes available at a lower cost than the equivalent keyword on Google. A well-structured PPC strategy can pay dividends on Bing.

Advertise On Microsoft Bing

Yahoo Ads

Yahoo is now a part of the Verizon-owned Oath advertising network, along with AOL, Flickr & Tumblr. Running PPC ads on Yahoo offers a global reach of 1 Billion monthly active users and 2 Billion ad impressions per day. Yahoo campaigns offer search ads, native ads & video ads allowing audiences to be targeted with a wide variety of ad formats.

Yahoo Advertising

These digital advertising channels are available to businesses of all sizes to reach out and connect with their audience. One of the first steps in building a winning digital marketing strategy is to understand and analyze your objectives before selecting the channel(s) that enable you to deliver on those objectives.

Accountability is Key!

At Just A Web Company, we don’t just leave you to your own devices and let your PPC account spend money. We actively monitor and manage your account to make sure your paid ad’s are doing what they are supposed to be doing and that you are staying within your budget.


We go through a deep dive meeting every month with our clients and go over each lead if need be to make sure that every lead is accounted for and that we are maximizing your ad spend. We believe this is just good business. We love it when our clients succeed! Our analytical reporting is how we measure that success. 

We Monitor for Fraud!

PPC Fraud

Fraudulent clicks are a real thing and we actively make sure your account is not a victim of robots, or other bad faith clicks. We use software that alerts us anytime there is suspected fraud activity on your account and we put a stop to it right away. We will work directly with Google on your behalf to make sure you are refunded any amount due from these type of activities.

PPC is an excellent way to get started bringing more clients in right away, but it is only one tool we use as a professional digital marketing agency.

Regardless of where you are at in your digital marketing journey we can help. We can plan, design and build landing pages that convert, execute strategic search engine optimization services and help with link building and more.

We partner our expert PPC services with social media and appropriate SEO to deliver a comprehensive digital marketing plan to our clients.

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