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What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing Agency

Also known as SMM, social media marketing is the process of driving business growth by using social media platforms. 

Social Media allows you to grow your brand by connecting with your audience on a micro and macro level. Almost all social media platforms allow you to use both organic and paid advertising to increase awareness for your brand, products and services.

Types Of Social Media Marketing

Organic Social Media Marketing

There are two types of social media marketing; organic and paid. An organic presence and history of activity demonstrates “social proof” to potential customers who may be researching your business online. This is one of several markers that your customers may use to determine if you are a real company with real products and services.

Social Media Advertising

The second type of Social Media Marketing is paid advertising. Paid marketing on social media is often pennies on the dollar when compared to traditional pay per click channels such as Google or Microsoft Bing, allowing you to reach more people at a lower cost. Comprehensive geographic, demographic and behavioral targeting options allow you to show your ad to a select audience that are more likely to engage with your business.

We Make Social Media Marketing Look Easy!

We identify your target market, put together the ads that align with your brand strategy, create professional and expertly curated ads, send them off for approval and manage the campaigns for you. We make sure you stay in budget and on track with conversions. 

What Social Media Channels Should You Use?

Which Social Media Should I Use?

The answer is not the same for everyone. For some of our clients Facebook is the logical choice, while for others it may be Instagram of Pinterest. Our B2B customers find the greatest success utilizing LinkedIn. Some of our clients need to mix and match channels depending on who their end client or customer is.

Know Your Audience

Know Your Socal Media Audience

We make it our business to know your audience so we can maximize your ROI. We interview you and other stakeholders to determine what platforms make the most sense. We then create a customized marketing plan and can work with your marketing department to deliver ads that are directly aligned with your strategic goals.

Insights And ROI

Social media advertising comes with top notch analytics. We see exactly what ads are working, and which ones aren’t. When someone clicks on your ad we can follow that journey down the sales funnel to your website or landing page and report on exactly what actions were taken. Through the use of these insights we can refine and optimize your campaign for even better results.

Social Media Strategies

Social Media Stratgies

We develop strategies that are unique to your industry. We understand that every business is different, our team develops a custom game plan for each platform to increase your followers and optimize your conversions. We know how to promote your business and increase traffic through our proven processes.

Just A Web Company runs social media campaigns as if they were our own. We are conservative with ad funds and we make sure that every dollar being spent is done so to maximize your return.

We have no long-term contracts and will work month to month as needed, earning your business every step of the way.

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