You need experts in the digital space to market your law firm and legal services. Creating an online marketing strategy is a not a do it yourself venture.

In order to succeed in such a competitive space, a firm must have a digital marketing strategy developed by industry leading experts. Just A Web Company is an award-winning marketing agency that is dedicated to helping you get more clients.

Online Marketing For Lawfirms

Client Generation For Law Firms

You went to law school to become a Lawyer, not a web developer.

Online marketing presents vast opportunities for lawyers to generate new business and raise awareness about their practice. The challenge lies in finding the skills, resources, and ability to get started. Legal work takes priority, and marketing often suffers as a result. We can help. Fill out the form to start generating more leads today!



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“Just a Web Company is a team that partners with you by strategizing a way forward, assessing your needs, and executing on an agreed upon process that delivers results!

You get the feeling that you have a marketing team supporting the needs of your business. They listen, meet with you regularly, and show increasing progress towards the goals that are laid out.”

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Researching a marketing agency takes up time you need to spend with clients. Without the right marketing strategy, you could make costly mistakes that waste your time and money.

You need someone who understands legal marketing so that you can focus on your practice, while the marketing experts handle the rest. The right marketing agency will consider your target audience and what they are searching for online, how they interact with content, and what will compel them to work with you or your firm. That’s why we offer services that cover every single aspect of web development, digital marketing, and advertising to deliver trackable results so you can focus on your case load.

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Marketing Solutions As Unique As Your Firm.

Our approach is completely tailored to your firm’s goals and needs, and we use the best digital marketing strategies to push your firm ahead of the competition and find more clients.

We will increase your leads and grow your client base. At Just A Web Company, our team is dedicated to giving your firm the edge it needs.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEO) For Law Firms

SEO For Law Firms

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to your website’s organic visibility online in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Organic visibility refers to any pages displayed below the ads in the search engine results pages (SERPs), and if your site ranks near the top, you get more traffic. Taking steps to optimize your site will give your law practice passive lead generation.

Optimizing your website for SEO can be split up into two parts: on-page optimization and off-page optimization. On-page techniques include content marketing, loading speed optimization, pictures and videos, and schema. Off-page optimization requires backlink building and local SEO for lawyer websites. Both on and off page SEO strategies need to be included for you to rank highly on the first page of Google.

Keyword research is an important part of on-page SEO. This involves looking through phrases commonly used in online searches in order to find what your website needs and how to flesh it out with content to boost your position on Google. This step is integral for properly optimized content writing and will help you figure out what your competition is doing to get to the first page. 

Keyword research will often yield more key terms that can be used in your content writing. Google can’t figure out exactly what is on your website’s page without the proper context clues. It’s your job when writing new content and articles to include these theme words so that Google can correctly find your law firm’s page. Without these keywords and phrases, much of the content on your page will remain unviewed. Including these keywords in your content will also help boost your site’s rank. 

The content on your website should serve two purposes: to boost your page and to help the people coming onto your law practice’s page. Articles with no substance outside of keywords will cause visitors to immediately click off your page, losing the potential lead. Visitors need to be able to read your articles and learn something from the content you provide. 

For it to do well on SERPs, your website design needs to be well-organized and everything on each page needs to be optimized for fast loading times or website speed. This includes images and videos, as they often slow down how quickly a page can load. Slow loading times will dissuade potential customers who visit your website from exploring further. 

The way the pages on your website are organized is also a key factor in keeping the people on your site from leaving too quickly. Make sure the important articles on your website are easily accessed. Keeping links to important articles about your law practice or key services hidden will quickly push people to lose interest in your practice. Add drop down menus or a site map to ensure that everyone visiting your site can easily find what they need, including the search engines.

Your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices as well. Websites that are optimized for mobile devices perform better compared to sites that are not mobile friendly. Over 50% of online searches are done on people’s phones as they’re more readily available. Without mobile optimization, you’ll miss out on the visibility and traffic that come from mobile based searches. Loading speeds and your site design should be just as effective on a mobile device as a desktop computer.

Any link to your website from another website is a backlink. Backlinks are incredibly important for building up your law practice’s online reputation. Backlinks are read by Google as an endorsement of your practice’s skills and trustworthiness. Google boosts websites that have a high reputation. 

Building up these backlinks can be done in a several different ways. Links from trusted industry websites such as online legal journals is a great way to get backlinks from a trusted authoritative source. Links from a social media accounts to your website counts as a backlink, too. You can also begin a local SEO strategy to help build up your law firm’s reputation further through legal directories and per review sites.

Properly incorporating SEO takes both intimate knowledge of online marketing and time. SEO is by no means an overnight process and doing it improperly will keep your website dead in the water. Even skilled professionals with years of experience need time to get a website to rank highly. Hiring a digital marketing agency for law firms allows you to make sure your website’s place on Google remains on an upward trajectory.

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PPC Marketing For Law Firms

PPC For Lawyers

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most popular and effective ways you can to market your firm online. 

Also known as paid advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), or paid search, PPC advertising allows you to bid for an ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links whenever a prospective client searches for a keyword related to your legal services. As the title of the service implies, you only pay for every person who clicks through to your website. Google Ads is the most common and popular form of paid advertising for attorneys. Another popular paid per click platform for lawyers is Microsoft Ads.

Using PPC in your law firm digital marketing strategy is an incredibly quick way to gain leads, but it requires a lot of testing to fully optimize. Different keywords and phrases can get you more cases than others, and to learn which ones are the most effective, you need to test consistently and repeatedly. Keywords can also fluctuate in popularity and search volume over time. This means a phrase that once gave you plenty of leads and website traffic may now barely give you anything. Testing different keywords throughout the process will give you insight on the phrases to use for your ads, and whether or not they’re the best option. 

You also need to make sure the keywords you’re putting your ads on aren’t costing you an arm and a leg each time your ad is clicked. Bidding on the keywords you use means that competition will ramp up the price. You need a careful balance between effectiveness in getting your firm the leads it needs and the limit of your ad budget.

PPC campaigns also go hand-and-hand with SEO campaigns. SEO is a necessary strategy when marketing yourself on the Internet, but it’s a slow process getting onto the first page of SERPs. PPC campaigns help you gain the traffic and clients you need right now while your website is going through SEO process.

The payoff for the work put into this strategy is more than worth the struggle of repeated testin. Some of the benefits are as follows: 

Awareness of your firm’s brand: There’s a reason traditional marketing paid per impression, and a big part of that was building awareness of your brand. PPC campaigns allow you to place your ads in front of people without costing you money unless someone actually clicks on ad. Any interaction where the potential client doesn’t click on the ad itself are essentially free impressions. This will build awareness of your law firm in the minds of people searching for the type of legal services you provide.

Boosting Your Law Firm’s Website Traffic: Depending on where your ad is shown, it’s only natural that people interested in your law firm would click through to your website. This boost in your website’s traffic will help you gain leads and clients. 

Easy Progress Tracking: Progress of your PPC campaigns is easy to track. Google and other search engines offer you tools that help you track and manage the effectiveness of the keywords you are using. You’re able to monitor click-through rates, traffic, impressions, and client conversations. You can see exactly where you’re succeeding and failing. This allows you to create strategies around the places you need to improve to better optimize your PPC campaign. 

Targeting Specific Areas: PPC campaigns also allow you to restrict where your ads are shown based on location. Very few law practices can practice throughout the entire US, so this tool can help you find clients from nearby areas. Using this tool will raise the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.

We create ads that are specially tailored to your firm and closely manage your campaigns to ensure they are targeting the right client base. We also make sure your ads are getting the most for your budget, so your money doesn’t end up wasted on campaigns that have little to no effectiveness.

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Local SEO For Lawyers

Local SEO refers to several things including the “Map Pack” shown by search engines when it believes the consumer is looking for a nearby location. The search engine generates a list of nearby businesses that fit the criteria, along with their location on the map. Optimization of local SEO involves building up your citations on websites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, FindLaw and building up your Google Business Profile, as well as managing your relevance, prominence, and distance.

The key to local SEO is your Google Business Profile, or GBP. Over 90% of online searches are done on Google. Getting your GBP profile optimized is a much quicker way to get to the top. It simply requires you to fully flesh out the listing. This includes your business name, address, and phone number as well as any business descriptions. You also should put images and videos of your practice, offices and attorneys. Google is a powerful toll, but its algorithm does make mistakes. Directly tying pictures of your office to your GBP will help mitigate confused customers who are unsure where your firm is located. 

There are three factors that help Google decide the rankings of GBPs. They are relevance, prominence, and distance. In order to get your GBP listing to the top of the local map pack, you need to optimize these three things. 

Relevance measures how well your practice would fit the query of a searcher. For example, a searcher looking for a dental office wouldn’t need a lawyer. However, someone looking to seek damages on a dentist who broke their tooth would be a great place for a personal injury lawyer to pop up. The best way to build up your relevance for your practice is by putting keywords and key phrases that relate to your practice’s specialty into your GBP’s description. This, along with the content on your website, will build your relevance. 

Prominence of your firm is measured through your GBP’s star rating, the number of backlinks you have, and the amount of citation sites your firm shows up on. These three things help Google see that you are a real business that helps people with their inquiries. To boost your star rating, make sure to ask clients whom you’ve helped to leave a quick online review on your GBP.

Citations are integral to local SEO. Citation sites and listings are anywhere that your firm’s name, address, and phone number are listed. Getting these citations up won’t just help your visibility, but it’ll also help your GBP’s prominence. All you need to do is make sure that the information on these listings matches your GBP’s info. Mismatching business details will make potential clients unsure about whether to trust you or not. 

Tracking these citations and making sure the information stays up to date is key. Luckily, there are tools that can help you track these citations. Tools such as Brightlocal display each of your listings and their information in a clean view so you can see each one and the information listed. 

Distance is the last of the qualifying factors that will decide where your GBP lands on the map pack. Unless you move, however, there isn’t much you can do about how close your firm is to potential clients. Make sure your location is accurate and that your relevance and prominence are high, so you can get as many eyes on your practice as possible.

Local SEO is a much quicker method to the top of Google than SEO, but both should be a sizable portion of your digital marketing strategy. They work together well, as your efforts in SEO will support your GBP’s ranking and vice versa. To ensure you are doing everything correctly you need a digital marketing agency who knows the ins and outs of local SEO to help you boost your online marketing efforts. 

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Social Media Marketing For Lawyers

Social media marketing is another key part in marketing your law firm. Engaging and relevant content, such as articles or legal resources, will help your firm gain exposure and reach more potential clients. You gain followers, build trust, and attract more clients through your content. Social media also helps strengthen your visual identity, creating a recognizable brand that clients will remember when they need your services.

Marketing your firm with social media allows you to specifically target clients. Most modern social media platforms have use hashtags, or a pound symbol (#) in front of a word. Think of these as keywords for social posts. When they are clicked or tapped, they bring the user to a lot of other posts with the same subject matter. This can help people find your firm’s page and will help you attract the right kind of visitor to your website. 

Creating posts is the bread and butter of this strategy, and the types of posts your page produces are completely up to you. You could write a quick snippet about your firm’s specialty, highlight an employee who’s been performing exceedingly well, or post the answer to a FAQ. Whatever you decide to post, make sure to keep the online brand you present consistent. A family law firm posting about a public criminal defense case would be confusing. A consistent brand will help people remember your firm and keep it in their mind when they see posts like yours. 

Your firm should remain consistently active on any social media profiles you create. Consistent posting creates an audience for you, but if you post consistently and quickly stop, people will lose trust in your firm.

You can also use social media to help you boost your SEO efforts. By linking your firm’s website in your bio, people who find your page will have a direct link to your website. Anyone who clicks through will boost your ranking. This link also counts as a backlink, which strengthens your prominence and Google’s trust in your firm. 

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Web Development & Design For Legal Firms

Web Design For Law Firms

Having a website is the backbone of any digital marketing strategy. You don’t need to worry if you don’t currently have one, or if the one you have is out-of-date. There are many tools online that help you build a website. You can also hire a web designer to create one or update an existing one. Just A Web Company stays up to date on the latest web design and development practices to improve your website constantly.

Your firm can also specifically design landing pages for PPC campaigns so people that land on you page feel immediately welcomed and can contact your firm either through form submissions or through a visible and clickable phone number. Making sure the pages you link to are fleshed out and well running is key to making sure the click you paid for stays longer than two seconds. 

Websites are not static, they need to be maintained and updated with fresh content that is relevant, whether that’s through blog posts or updating your pages with image that are informative and compliments to the content on your site. Keeping a stagnant website will make any SEO efforts you’ve done slowly dwindle to the point your firm no longer shows in any relevant searches.

We provide a comprehensive range of development and design features to make sure your website works for you and your clients. This includes well designed calls-to-action (CTA’s) to convert visitors into new paying clients and frequent analysis to make sure your website is working as it should. 

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You Need A Marketing Company For Your Law Firm

Effective digital marketing is an absolute necessity to grow your firm. Unfortunately, the time and resources it takes to create a winning strategy is often sidelined for more important legal case work. In such a competitive market, a poor marketing strategy can negatively impact the business a law firm attracts, which is why digital marketing is so essential. Law firms need a partner to help with the management of their online marketing.

We believe the last thing you or your law firm should worry about is making sure your marketing strategy is working for you. You need time to focus on your clients and we can help. Running a successful legal practice takes a lot of time and energy, so let us make sure you have enough time to handle the new clients you gain. With Just A Web Company, you’ll have a team dedicated to making sure your business succeeds.

We are committed to finding better and innovative ways to improve your results and helping you and your law firm thrive. We personalize our marketing strategy to fit your legal niche and have the experience to get you where you want to be. There are no shortcuts to success when it comes to digital marketing, but we are here to make the process easier for you. Call or email Just A Web Company today!

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