Analyze Your Site Traffic with Google Analytics

Who is looking at your business website? Want to know more about the demographics of the traffic to your site? Analyzing who frequents your website is an important part of how you market your business and is an invaluable marketing tool.

Google Analytics is that tool that will tell you everything you need to know about every person who clicks onto to your website. Whether potential clients find your website through a search engine or through direct url address, every click on your site is recorded and reported to you. You obtain daily or even real-time reports, depending on the version you have, on the traffic to your website. You will learn everything about your potential clients, the city and state they live and if you wish, even more detailed down to the unique individual’s IP address. Local Brand Advisor works with premier local brands and other prominent business networks to get a view of the local search engine landscape.

So what will all this information do for your business? Knowing who is visiting your site will allow you to know if your current content and marketing is targeting your company’s main demographic. Website improvements, social media marketing and ad campaigns can be tracked real-time on Google Analytics to see the immediate impact.

Just A Web Company utilizes Google Analytics daily for real-time tracking of all traffic to our website. Through detailed reports that include user’s unique url addresses, the city and state from where they are clicking onto our website, we are able to track the success of our marketing.

At Just A Web Company, we are dedicated to improving your web site traffic through social media marketing campaigns, website development, website redesigns and newsletter development.

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