Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising formally called Bing Ads, allows customers to display pay-per-click ads across both Bing and Yahoo! Search egines. Advertising on the Microsoft network is generally a lower up front investment than other alterntatives such as Google.

Bing Ads Are A Great Investment

Is your company utilizing the Bing Network to help establish more of an online presence? Businesses do not typically consider using Bing Ads as a way to get in front of their potential target market, which makes this platform a great choice for your digital marketing dollars! It is an extremely powerful search engine with an amazing overall monthly reach. According to Microsoft, they reach 56 million people who do not search on Google. With these types of statistics, this is not a platform your or your business should ignore. Just A Web Company is here to help you create and manage your next advertising campaign. We have certified experts on staff who have the knowledge and experience to craft the perfect pay per click campaign for your company.

Advertise On Microsoft Bing

What is the Bing Network?

Bing is a search engine created and operated by Microsoft. Each month it has over 6 billion desktop searches with 145 million of those being unique, or first time, desktop searchers. It also has 33.8% share of the U.S. desktop search market. That is so many opportunities to reach your potential customers! In fact, Microsoft has reported a 23% year over year growth in search advertising – creating a perfect opportunity for companies to take advantage of this search engine giant.

Bing Ads is similar to Google Ads, but different in its own ways. You’ll still want to pick the right keywords – bid on the keywords your target audience are searching for so your ads can be displayed in front of them. If you are not sure of the correct keywords to bid on, there are tools available to either research keywords or you can use the keyword planner. You are also able to select the geographic location where your ad will be displayed, and even exclude areas where you definitely do not want it to show. Advertisers can also research estimates of bid levels. This comes in handy when trying to select how much you are willing to pay for a specific ad position to have your ad displayed.

Benifits Of Using Bing Advertsing

  • Less competition and lower cost-per-click.
  • Stay local or go global – reach people near your business or create a worldwide online presence.
  • Ability to connect with customers on mobile.
  • Easy to import your existing campaigns from the competitors.
  • Assign your campaigns to different time zones – more sophisticated ad scheduling to reach more people.
  • Ability to control your ideal search demographics – select which gender and age group can see your ads. You can also create a bid adjustment for each of these selections.

Are you already using Google Ads to reach your target market?

We can upload your existing campaign from Google to Bing quickly and easily!

Managing your Bing Network Campaigns

Bing Pay Per Click Ads

Pay-per-click campaigns require continuous support and management. With our clients, we take a hands-on approach with their PPC campaigns and monitor clicks, spend, visits to the websites, and more on a daily basis. We also take a look at your competitors and analyze the campaigns they are running, the landing page their ads are sending traffic to, and the messaging they are delivering to the target market.

Each of these items listed above are crucial to managing and maintaining a successful PPC campaign and it helps to have a certified expert on your team. There are many key strategic elements to running PPC campaigns such as adding negative keywords, setting up split testing, knowing how to achieve higher quality scores and getting the most exposure and success for a given budget. Having someone who can constantly monitor and make the correct changes to your campaigns will help your business achieve online presence and increase your sales.

At Just A Web Company, we strive to provide our clients with active management of their pay-per-click campaigns. Having Bing experts watching over your campaigns and making the necessary changes will bring more success to your business. Whether you are looking to create more brand awareness, create an offer on a product or service, or let your customers know about an upcoming event, our team has the knowledge and experience to drive in business. Give us a call today to set up your Bing Advertising PPC campaigns.

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