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Should You Advertise With Yahoo! Ads?

With over 400 million users per month this channel should not be ignored when considering PPC campaigns. One of the platforms we work with on a daily basis is Yahoo!. If you are looking for help with your existing pay-per-click campaigns or if your company needs help getting started with digital marketing, you have found the right place. Our highly-skilled team of marketing professionals has experience in all areas of online marketing. We pride ourselves on bringing our clients the best results possible for their marketing campaigns.

Advertise On Yahoo

Why Advertise On Yahoo!?

Many businesses spend thousands of dollars in advertising expenses each month. Nowadays, there are different platforms for advertisers to choose from such as, Facebook, Google Ads, Bing, and Yahoo! GEMINI. Each of these platforms have unique ways to set up ads, different forms of creative that can be uploaded, and different ways your ads can be served to the public. Yahoo! Search alone reaches over 117M unique searchers per month. If your company is relying solely on only one platform to deliver ads and ignoring alternatives, you could be missing out on more potential clients and business. At Just A Web Company, we recommend using multiple platforms to deliver your message to your audience. Most of Yahoo!’s users do come from email users who have had their emails for some time, others consist of employees on workplace computers, and some do love the platform and use it daily.

How Does Yahoo! Advertising Work?

Yahoo Ads With Gemini

Yahoo! is known to be less competitive and offer lower cost-per-clicks (the amount you pay each time someone clicks on your ad) than Google for most of their search queries. There has never been a better time to utilize Yahoo! because not as many companies are using this platform. This will help you build your brand and online presence!

First thing your company will need to do is sign up and setup your account. Occasionally you are offered a credit towards an account or you can search online for a discount for your first months advertising budget.

Secondly, you’ll need to decide on keywords based on search queries related to the products and services your business offers to its potential customers. There’s two routes to take when it comes to keywords – 1) you can choose more popular keywords, that will result in more expensive CPC’s. 2) you can choose more specific keywords that are more targeted to users who know and are more likely to click on your ads.

To appeal to advertisers’ demand for multiple ad formats, Yahoo! offers their fair share of ad types. A common mistake that advertisers make is only setting up one type of ad to work for all of their chosen keywords. It is best to create multiple types of ads that identify each keyword.

Types of Yahoo Ads

  • Search ads (Native ads) – effective due to being highly relevant because they are targeted toward an audience with high intent. Search Ads produce a higher ROI.
  • Mail ads – this ad type is served only in Yahoo! Mail. This ad displays as if the user had open an email from this business. Mail ads have shown click-through rates as high as 4X’s the industry average.
  • Image Ads – these ads feature an image in the middle with supporting text around the image. This ad type has resulted in site view through conversion increases of 3.9X’s.
  • Video Ads – clickable video ads that are shown on websites, apps, and third-party publishers.
  • Other types of ads – include Carousel ads, app install ads, and personalized ads.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of advertising on the Yahoo! ads network. It is extremely important to fill any gaps your company may have in their digital marketing presence by utilizing all available forms of online marketing. Pay-per-click advertising requires your full attention and should be handled by a certified PPC expert. Just A Web Company has certified PPC experts on staff and are highly-knowledgeable when it comes to running and managing your pay-per-click campaigns. Give us a call today to get your campaigns started!

Just A Web Company has extensive experience with Yahoo! Advertising and the Gemini platform. We can start your ad’s running as soon as today!

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