Social Media in Web Design

Facebook, Twitter, etc for your website

So every other company has a Facebook page but you don’t, and you wonder if you need one. That is a good question, and in short, the answer is yes.

I recently had a client ask me why their company should have a Facebook page. I explained that even if you don’t have a single follower on your Facebook fan page, that your website’s name will be listed on another source. It is a way of getting your company name out there for search engines to pick up on it, and if someone is searching for your company, chances are they can come across your site via your social media page.

The more outlets you use, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc, the more your company name is being tossed around in searches on the internet and the more likely you are for people to come across your company’s website, which is the ultimate goal. Of course we would all like to have 1 millon followers and vistors everyday, but the fact of the matter is, even if you didn’t have a single follower, getting your company name out there on other peoples websites is worth its weight in gold!

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