A Business Without A Website is a Fatal Mistake

Does Your Business Need A Website?

Whether you’re a business just starting out or have an established brand, you need to cater your marketing and reach your customers on the macro level. Creative strategy and marketing campaigns are an integral part of growing your business and increasing revenue. In today’s digital marketing world there are many different avenues your business can take to advertise your services. From advertising your services on social media channels to creating pay-per-click campaigns, each approach is designed to promote brand awareness and showcase services or offers for your company. Case in point, we help our clients succeed through active web management. Our team aligns with our client’s strategic goals and uses the very best digital marketing strategies to grow their brands in an online setting.

Mobile Is Where It’s At!

Everyone uses their mobile devices to search or look up information. In fact, in 2017 mobile searches accounted for over 50% of all website traffic. Nearly 3.5 billion searches are happening each day on Google. Whether your customers are connecting to the internet via mobile phones, tablet devices, or laptops you need to have your business easily accessible. The first step a customer takes when looking for a product or service is to research it on the internet or “google-it.” If you don’t have a website, your company is losing customers because no one will be able to search for you online and view your products and services. A website not only shows products and services, but gives much needed information regarding the location of the business, the owners, hours of operation and more.

It is important to create a website that will catch your customers eye. It not only involves having a well thought out layout and images but having compelling content that helps your business in the Google Search Rankings. Customers will respond better to a website where they can receive all of the information they need in a short amount of time. When a website is filled with useful information for visitors, it provides a sense of trust and shows that your company is an expert in their field.

Get A Professionaly Developed Website

Too many businesses rely on cookie cutter “do-it-yourself” websites that look generic and are lack-luster. Those types of sites are not going to attract customers but instead will deter them to websites that have been professionally created by a team of website development professionals. These DIY sites are not easily found by search engines and in most cases are seen by search engines as “web spam”.

Once the creation of your dynamic website is complete, there are endless possibilities for connecting with millions of potential clients through various social media tactics, SEO, link building, paid media such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads, and citation building campaigns. You can also reach out to your clients through email marketing and by setting up custom audience pixels on your website.

The possibilities of internet marketing are infinite! It is important to ask questions and make educated decisions. A good web development agency will help spend the time with you to answer your questions and help you understand the process.

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