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How Will the Google Page Speed Update Affect Search Rankings?

Beginning July 2018, Google will began rolling out a Speed Update Algorithm to all users. This algorithm update targets mobile search results as a one of many search ranking factors. Page speed has been used as a ranking factor for some time, but originally was designed for desktop searches. This means that the time it takes for the first piece of content ot loads is a consideration when ranking pages on mobile search. According to Google, this update will only affect the slowest of sites on the internet and only a small percentage of queries.

If you monitor traffic to your website and want to maximize your SEO results, then you will want to pay attention to this update. GTmetrix has indicated that is a page load time goes from 1s to 3s the probability of bounce rate increases 32%, 1s to 5s the probability of bounce increases to 90%, 1s to 6s bounce rate increases to 106%, and 1s to 10s bounce rate increases to 123%.

At Just A Web Company, we firmly believe a brand’s online presence is its key to generating a large number of new clients. Search rankings are a large part of that! In today’s age, if a potential customer cannot find your products or services online either by desktop or mobile search – then you are not going to increase sales. Another factor to consider is whether or not your site has compelling and relevant content. This will affect your ranking, even if your page speed is fast. If someone finds your page but quickly leaves, Google notices this and will not show your site in searches you otherwise would like to rank for.

Not sure if Google considers your site speed fast or slow? There are a number of ways you can monitor this metric including using the PageSpeed Insights Tool or GTmetrix or you can contact our team at Just A Web Company!

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