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Now Is The Time To Start Digital Marketing

Most states are requiring non-essential businesses to close their physical locations and to work from home. While this is inconvenient, it is forcing many business owners to become resourceful. Companies are making decisions on who their key staff are and how best to market to new and existing clients.

We firmly believe right now is the best time in a long time to get your digital marketing house in order. More people than ever before are accessing information online. This puts more customers in your reach than prior to the stay at home orders. Regardless of your industry now is the time to get things in place for marketing to your customers when things do open back up.

Developing a proper digital marketing strategy takes time, the wrong time to do it is when you need more customers just to keep the doors open. You should have a realistic budget set aside for marketing efforts.

Should I Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

Absolutely, yes! One of the biggest mistakes we see is when a company hires one person to do social media, another person to run paid advertising and yet another to perform work on the website. This creates a disjointed marketing plan and simply put, never works.

It is much more effective and cost efficient to have an agency who has multiple disciplines run all online activates. All stake holders should have regular contact and make sure that the message and persona of a brand are presenting a unified front and not creating customer confusion.

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What Should I Expect From a Marketing Company?

What results can I expect from digital marketing?

The first thing you should expect is communication. You should never have to wonder what is being done from month to month.

You should receive monthly updates including a status call or meeting going over where you were, where you are now, where you want to go and what the plan of action is to make that happen.

The first month may seem a bit slow from a client standpoint but that is where the foundation is laid. During the first month typically your entire digital footprint is analyzed and your company’s digital SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) is created. This differs a bit from a traditional SWOT analysis.

We look at strengths in terms of what is generating traffic and customers, weaknesses are gauged in terms of site architecture, website speed, user experience; opportunities are identified as low hanging fruit that can be exploited – website or client data to be used for additional marketing. Threats could be website security, lack of backups or competitor ads that are targeting your brand terms. From here, an action plan is developed.

The second month is spent implementing the action plan that was developed in month one. Often times the action plan from the first month is several months worth of work and is limited by budget. As the first month progresses, adjustments are made based on trends, client needs and industry changes. This sets the tone for the on-going online marketing.

Do I need to Keep Digital Marketing?

Yes. Digital marketing is not a one-time activity. With few exceptions you will not see much from a one-off change to a website’s digital presence. Industry best practices are always changing, and you can be sure that your competitors are investing in marketing and they will take your market share if you do not compete effectively.

Does Your Marketing Agency Keep You In The Dark?

You should never have to question where your monthly traffic is coming from. A professional agency will be able to tell you exactly how traffic was sent to your website, what search terms or phrases were used, what pages your traffic was on and if they converted. (Form submission, Phone Call, or product purchase).

Yes, you read correct; when setup correctly your digital marketing company can track phone calls to your company and tell you what search term was used to generate that phone call.

Monthly SEO Reports

Don’t OVER Analyze

While it is true, information is power, it is important to make sure information is received in proper context. It is difficult to extract useful data from a day by day or even weekly trend. While there are some instances where microdata may be needed, as a general rule monthly detailed reporting and cross data analysis is the prudent way to go.

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