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Working From Home During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

All of the big tech companies have already ordered their employees to work from home, and they have the resources to do this without major disruption to business or service. But what about the smaller companies and people who are self employed?

Many people still rely on meeting with customers and doing business face to face, or through networking. At least for the foreseeable future that is not going to be a viable option. This is where Digital Marketing is a must for anyone who wants to continue to do business in the coming months.

Can I Do Business Online?

Absolutely. While online marketing has been adopted by a majority of businesses over the past decade, there are those that still prefer to do business through “traditional marketing”. Now is the time to embrace digital marketing and leverage the power of the internet to keep your business running. Setting up a website, or investing money getting your products and services in front of people can be a scary proposition for those that have never ventured into the digital world of internet marketing. To be able to compete in our current environment this is more necessary than ever.

Hire a Professional Digital Marketing Agency

It is important to hire the right company the first time around. Many of us have friends that are “designers” or are “good with computers”, but that does not make them professional digital marketers. Even a one person “web guy” is not the answer. Digital Marketing is a multi-faceted discipline and no one person knows everything. It takes a talented team of individuals that have knowledge and experience in order to be successful.

Should I Hire A Low Cost Digital Marketing Company?

The short answer here is no. Going with a low cost digital marketing agency or “marketing guy” almost always ends badly. The fact is even a small campaign requires several hours per month of attention. Let’s assume you are smaller company with a local geographical reach on a WordPress website. Every month your digital marketing team should back up your website (off site, not on your hosting server), apply plugin and WordPress updates. This is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the website. Then they need to look at Google Analytics and search console, identify any additional errors and fix them, this is another 30 minutes to an hours worth of work.

The next thing a good marketing company will look at, is pages that are falling off or starting to rise and add content to support those pages, do keyword research on and develop new content for your site. This is another 2 hours of work at least. Then they need to publish the content to your site, purchase images for the content, and plush the page. Next they need to add titles, descriptions and any appropriate internal links. This is at least another hour. This adds up to 4 hours minimum for the smallest of sites, and we have not talked about social media, local citations for Local SEO etc. 

Next, your marketing company needs to prepare a report and allow time to have a monthly meeting with you discussing progress and mapping out goals for the next month. This is another couple of hours of work for reporting and meeting. This does not account for anything that comes up during the month, any questions you have and any changes you need made on the site.

Realistically it takes somewhere between 6-10 hours a month for the smallest of sites. If you are paying anything less than $100/hour for marketing services it is most likely being farmed out off shore and/or you have someone who does not know what they are doing. The industry average is $150/hr.

Can I Hire a Digital Marketing Guru $50 an Hour?

You can find someone who will do your online marketing for $50 hour. However cheaper doesn’t mean it costs less. Someone who is just starting out or doesn’t have a handle on all the intricacies will take threes to four times as long to complete a project as someone who charges industry standard rates.

I Need To Start Shifting My Business To Work From Home

Just A Web Company is a team of experienced digital marketers and web developers who can advise on a myriad of issues ranging from practical online business advice to extensive brand management and digital marketing. We can work with any realistic budget including consulting to help you get started in the right direction. We do have office space in Temecula CA but our team has the flexibility to work from home while conducting business as usual including video conferencing.

Changing your business model during these uncertain times can be scary, but we are here to help every step of the way. Give us call and find out how we can help your business position for success

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