SEO and Web Development

Do you need an SEO Company or Web Company?

You know you need SEO on your website, and you know need updates, but do you call a web design company, or an SEO company? You shouldn’t have to choose. Your Web Design Company should be your SEO company, and your SEO company should be your web design company. The sad fact is, often this is not the case. Most web developers know little about SEO and marketing and most SEO guys really don’t know much about web development. This creates a HUGE disconnect in the level of service you receive and the quality of your website. successfully combines both of these skills. That seems to be a solution to your problem.

SEO is not simply about putting text on a page, or changing a URL within the WordPress backend. It involves a deep level of understanding of how a website works from a technical standpoint, and an understanding of how websites are used and navigated by visitors. It is important that websites not just look pretty, but that they are functional on every size screen, and every type of device that is used to view your site. This is the type of technical service that comes with experience.

If you talk to most SEO companies, and you want something that isn’t considered a basic update on a website, chances are they will not be able to do it. You need a company that specializes in SEO, Web DEVELOPMENT, marketing, and that understands your business. Chances are the SEO guy, and the Development guy (or gal) are not the same people, but they should be working side by side on a daily basis. It is through this synergy that you receive the best of both worlds and end up with a project that not only looks great, but performs well.

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