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Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… If you run a business and you are not on these networks you are already behind the curve. I belong to a networking group in Temecula, and everyone in that group is on Facebook at a minimum. I am not talking about their personal Facebook pages where friends talk about what they had for breakfast, but Facebook business pages where you can list store hours, services, directions, latest product news etc.

One of the latest features of Facebook is to allow custom programming of your company website right within the Facebook framework. This helps with unified branding, messaging, and calls to action for potential customers. Just A Web Company can provide you with this custom programming and functionality and take your social media marketing to a whole new level!

One really great side affect of developing a custom web site for viewing within your Facebook business page is that this same site can be easily ported over to mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. You get the benefit of reaching a wider audience with the cost associated with only one development fee.

We encourage you to contact Just A Web Company today to discuss how we can help unify your messaging and branding across multiple platforms!

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