The Dos and Don’ts of PPC Landing Pages

When starting a PPC campaign, figuring out what to do with the landing page can be extremely difficult. You may think it’s just another page on your website. However, the rules for a PPC page are entirely different. Certain things are needed on your general website to maximize SEO, but many aren’t required for PPC. Some SEO strategies may negatively impact your ROI if used on a pay-per-click landing page.

Learning the specifics of what to do for these pages can be difficult. Finding an online resource with all the information you need can take endless hours, and even then, it can be difficult to be sure whether the resource led you astray. 

Just A Web Company has years of experience in PPC and digital marketing. Our expert web designers have been designing pages for years and have the information to change your ad campaign from unsuccessful to lucrative. We’ve outlined some of the best practices for PPC landing pages below. 

Tips For Creating A Successful PPC Landing Page

DO Create Pages Unique To Each Campaign

The biggest rule is to design unique landing pages for every PPC campaign you launch. This may seem like a hassle, but it is a necessary step in the process. Pages designed to sell products or services and gain leads are going to require different things. PPC pages created to get you leads should have a form where they can share their information with you.

Additionally, Google’s quality algorithm rewards PPC landing pages be aligned to include keywords and phrases for the search terms you are targeting. To optimize the campaign, the text on each landing page should change to better fit the terms you are targeting. 

DON’T Use Too Many Form Fields

We have all been there, filling out a never ending form when we are just trying to obtain some basic information. The number of form fields required will directly affect the number of leads you get from your campaign. As you put more required fields to fill in, the higher the bounce rate. If you ask for too much information, it’s a great way to dissuade the searcher from converting to a lead.

Website Form

A good rule of thumb is to limit the fields to the searcher’s email, first name, and last name. Certain businesses may require more fields for their specific needs, but most companies should use as few fields as possible to maximize the leads you gain from the page.

DO Align Your Headline, Offer, And Call To Action

If you are selling products through these campaigns, the offer should be the main focus of the landing page. This means it should act as the guide for the headline, copy, and call to action. The headline should highlight the offer or service, the call to action should talk about what the user will get in return for taking action, and the copy should focus on the user. A copywriter may be necessary to make the text on your landing page.   

DON’T Distract Your Audience

Taking the searcher’s mind off the deal in question is a great way to make them lose interest in the offer. There are many things that can distract someone, whether it’s text that’s too long, pop-ups that appear throughout your website, or internal linking to other pages on your website. Even including top or sidebars to make website navigation easier will be distracting. It pulls the potential lead away from the sale and onto other parts of your business. If this was SEO, getting people to navigate around your website would be incredible. But for PPC, it’s wasted money. 

DO Keep Any Copy Quick And Compelling

If you’re familiar with SEO, you likely know that articles and blogs must be long enough to be informative to even rank on Google. However, PPC landing pages are quite the opposite. One of the biggest mistakes you can make on your landing page is including walls of uninterrupted text that goes on for way too long. 

With PPC, the name of the game is trying to get the searcher to convert to a lead as quickly as possible. Your writing should only cover what it needs to, and you should not divert the audience’s attention away by talking about random subjects that don’t have to do with the offer. Including thousands of words about your industry is a great way to gain prominence, but in PPC, that will make people lose interest. The best way to combat this is by keeping the text short and sweet. Only cover what you need to for the sell. 

DO Use Trust Signals

Trust Signals For PPC Landing Pages

Making use of testimonials and good product reviews could be the thing that seals the deal for a searcher. If someone clicks on your ad and doesn’t know your business, they will need something to gain trust in you. People are always interested in hearing what others think about a product, so including quick access will help make the decision easier. You don’t need to include dozens of examples; just a couple will do.

Newly started businesses should also make use of testimonies whenever possible. Trust signals are also an incredible way for people unfamiliar with your business to learn more about your trustworthiness. 

DON’T Stop Testing 

Staying open to new keyword search terms and creating unique landing pages can be difficult sometimes. Making just one landing page can be a stressful process that requires a lot of collaboration between many people, so creating a new one for a new campaign may seem like a process you don’t want to deal with. 

Even if you have a PPC plan that has worked for months, you must consistently make new pages for new search terms. Testing new pages is always the only way to ensure that your long-term PPC ads give you the biggest ROI. The more you test, the better your ads will do. 

DO Design The Best Web Page

PPC Landing Page

The goal of your landing page should be to welcome a prospective lead into your website with ease. The last thing anyone wants when clicking on a landing page is to see ugly colors and distracting pictures that pull their attention away from why they clicked in the first place. You need to spend enough time and effort on these landing pages so that searchers coming in won’t want to look away immediately. 

The images you feature on this page should be clear and connect to what you’re trying to sell, whether your services or a specific product. Images are a great way to support what the copy throughout is already doing. Doing things like making the CTA button obvious and keeping the design clear and straightforward will help users stay interested in the offer. 

Including videos can also be a great way to draw attention to your customers. Including how-to’s of products or customer testimonials can help sell your product better than copywriting or images can. Producing high-quality videos can be difficult, and including low-quality videos may do more to dissuade potential customers from converting. 

Hire Digital Marketing Experts

PPC landing pages require a large number of moving parts. Writing the copy, creating the images for the page, and putting the parts together all require different skills.

While you may be willing to learn how to do these things, you may not have the time to do so. After all, you also have your business to run. 

No matter what your needs are for your PPC landing page, the experts at Just A Web Company are here to help. Our expert copywriters can get your prospective leads to convert, and our web designers have years of experience bringing your vision for the page to life.

Whether you need landing pages designed, articles written, or any other digital marketing strategy, we can do it for you. Looking for the Best PPC Marketing Company? You’ve found us! Call our office today to make your appointment!




Should PPC landing pages be indexed?

Whether or not you should index your PPC landing pages is dependent on a lot of different factors. While indexing the page could help get more eyes on your business through organic traffic from search engines, you could run into issues with duplicate content. Google doesn’t like it when businesses write about too similar a subject too much, as this content can clog their search engine with spam. Consider how your website is designed before indexing these pages. 

Should SEO and PPC be used together?

In short, yes. In digital marketing, you want to get an increased online presence. PPC adds allow you to bid for space on the first page of Google. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process of improving your website so that it shows up on the first page of SERPs organically. Using both in your digital marketing strategy will greatly increase your online visibility and get you the clicks and conversions your business needs. 

How much does PPC cost?

The cost of PPC will depend heavily on a lot of different factors. The keywords you choose have different costs based on the traffic that they give you. Key phrases like ‘PPC company’ will have a much greater cost, and volume of searches, than ‘the dos and don’ts of PPC.’ The industry your business is in will also affect this. Figuring out the cost of your paid ad campaign depends on your knowledge of PPC and your skill in it. 

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