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Best Practices, Pay-Per-Click

The Dos and Don’ts of PPC Landing Pages

When starting a PPC campaign, figuring out what to do with the landing page can be extremely difficult. You may…

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Pay Per Click Company

Pay Per Click is Crucial. No Matter What the Size of Your Business.

Pay Per Click is one of the most effective platforms for online advertising. It rapidly helps your business gain exposure…

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Google Ads Agency
Digital Marketing, Pay-Per-Click

Google Ads Removing Average Position: What Does that Mean?

A few weeks ago, Google announced that they plan to remove the average position metric from the Google Ads interface…

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Can I advertise Cannabis online?
Digital Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Pay-Per-Click

Can I Advertise Marijuana Brands on Facebook?

No matter what part of the cannabis industry you are working in – growing, online product sales, dispensary – the…

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